We understand that ministry takes all sorts of effort. We want to help take some of the pressure off. Our heart is to partner with you and to offer practical solutions that allow you to spend money efficiently and effectively. In the area of production, we offer simple solutions for sound, lighting and video. The perfect loudspeaker setup for your space and congregation size. A lighting rig that sets the right atmosphere and fits the culture you’re trying to reach. Video projection design that incorporates seamlessly with your presentation and enhances your message. When it comes time to get the word out, we can help with logo design and marketing as well. 

We offer media solutions for churches and ministries of all shapes and sizes. Let us help you communicate more effectively by upgrading your systems.

We also offer all-inclusive mobile packages that include training and well thought out systems that mean less overall set-up and tear-down time and less stress for you and your volunteers.



 The way things sound is important. The sound system can easily be one of the biggest points of contention and distraction, or it can be a dependable vehicle that delivers your message with clarity and power week after week. We offer practical sound system solutions with modern technologies that make set-up faster in mobile scenarios and allow ease of use for experts and amateurs alike in permanent intalls. We will work with our network of wholesalers to offer you great prices on quality gear. We are technology nerds, and we would never sell you anything that we wouldn't use ourselves. Whether you need a simple set-up for a small conference room, or you're looking for sound reinforcement design for a large auditorium, we can help you see your vision realized. 


The right lighting can change the atmosphere in an otherwise un-inspiring space. Advances in lighting technology mean that creating purposeful and captivating atmospheres is easier and cheaper than ever before. We offer solutions for small rooms that need practical facelifts as well as full-on production spaces for whatever type of stage and room lighting you can imagine. 


Our culture today consumes more content through video than almost any other medium. There is an expectation of quality in media more than ever before. We believe the church should be leading the way creatively and "speaking the language" of the culture where we serve. We can help you with video and projection solutions that are effective at enhancing your message. Whether you're looking for a mobile rig that's quick to set-up and tear-down and looks great, or you want the biggest video screen in your city, we can help you. 



The expectation of quality in the area of media applies here as well. The way your content looks, your logo, your website, your mailers and bulletins, they all tell a story. So what story are you telling? We offer packages that can take the pressure off you to constantly design fresh content. Our network of creators can work with you to deliver high-quality creative content that is inspiring and memorable. Whether it's a one time service like logo design or a video project, or you need on-going support for a website or mailers, we can help. Ask about the options we offer!